How not to do stuff…

Oh my goodness. Here I am, tracing my ancestors for 40-ish years and I make a right mess-up. I thought I had found children on my mother-in-law's side, but I misread the information. Result: incorrect children on the tree. What a duffer I feel.

The beauty is that I publish my tree on my own site along with a contact form. I love the contact form because it provides such good feedback and allows me to gain information and give information. In this instance, I gained information to prove that the people I thought were on the tree were not. Brilliant!

On the positive side, my 'orphaned' friend now has many relatives—310, in fact. Census records and birth register entries have proved invaluable. I'm not going to find out too much information. Enough to verify what I have found, but enough to continue his interest and leave some for him to find. Mind you, if he decides, after all, that he doesn't want to dig around in archives, I'll continue.

I subscribe to TheGenealogist which is super. I came across them at WDYTYA? Live! They have information not available elsewhere and a good monthly magazine which I download to my iPad. They supplement well the other websites I subscribe to.

Jan Powell