Irish Valuation Records

I have generally had difficulty tracing Irish ancestors. On both sides of our family we have ancestors and relatives from what is now Northern Ireland. Getting my head around the hierarchy of Irish land division has taken a bit of doing: Province, County, Barony, Parish, and Townland. Then there are Poor Law Unions, Dispensary Districts and District Electoral Divisions to be taken into account.

Lately I have usedValuation Records, effectively census substitutes for (Northern) Ireland, which are online at PRONI. The Valuation Records cover years from 1864 to 1933 and complement Griffiths Valuation. The Valuation Records have proved useful in helping me to find further residential information about my elusive MAWHINNEY great-grandparents. Only the main occupier is listed, unlike in a census where all residents are listed, but the records have still proved useful. I've been able to find where William and Anne lived after the 1911 Census and been able to ascertain approximate dates of death for both William and Anne and to discover that their daughter took over the lease. Next I'll have a go at trying to find other Irish relatives—we have a few on both sides of our family—going back further in time.

Jan Powell