Starting Out


I've been researching my own family history for over 40 years and my husband's tree for a little less than 40 years. It is certainly much easier to find information now, there's so much available online, but I still get real pleasure from visiting physical archives to troll through books, Wills, maps, parish registers and so on. Where, when I was a child, a cemetery was a place to be scared of, now a cemetery is a source on information. Many is the time spent on holiday wandering around the peace and quiet of an old cemetery trying to find, then decipher, headstones.

I publish the bones of my research findings on my own website:

There I have a contact form through which I have 'met' online, and shared information with, many people. It is nice to receive some of the results of other people's research but it is equally nice to share my finding.

So now I have started blogging I will have to remember to write snippets as I find them. There's always something interesting going on in the world of family history.

Jan Powell