New Zealand Research

I’ve been busy undertaking research so haven’t bloggedfor a while, but here I am again!

For those people who are wanting to find relatives in New Zealand, there are some excellent resources available online. One I use regularly is Papers Past which has an increasingly large newspaper collection. It’s amazing what can be found. I particularly like reading some of the articles that possibly wouldn’t be allowed in today’s newspapers for fear of privacy laws or offending somebody.

Another useful site is Ancestry’s New Zealand, Electoral Rolls, 1853-1981. This helps people to track down relatives at a particular point in time. It’s great if you have a worldwide subscription.

Also of note is Ancestry’s New Zealand, Cemetery Records, 1800-2007. Many city and regional councils in New Zealand have cemetery records online. It is a matter of finding which area your ancestor may have lived in then searching for the records on that region’s local body website. Failing that, this website has records of many other cemeteries where the local bodies have not published online records, maybe because of financial and staffing constraints.

I hope these links prove useful to you.

Till next time…

Jan Powell